Sheridan Attempt 2

Second attempt for Sheridan. Fingers crossed for this year. :x !


Just a quick update on what I’ve been up to. Here’s a few room drawings, hand studies, movement studies, life drawings, and anatomy studies. And other drawings that were for fun. It’s hard to really write here in-depth so I’ll leave a link to my concept art sketchbook. I’ll update here periodically, but not as often. :3 Cheers.


Drawing Class I

I started taking an extended studies course at ACAD a few weeks back. I’m about three classes away from the end of the series so I figured I’d actually post up my work showing my progress. ^~^


During the first class, Chris (the teacher) had us draw the contours of our hand without looking at the drawing and never letting our pen leave the paper, but we could look at our hand. We did that for about a half hour…that time felt like forever with that kind of exercise. xD The second thing he had us do was stare at our hands for a few minutes and try to commit it to memory and then draw it. It was a pretty nifty exercise considering it impressed upon us the necessity of using both observation and memory but always have it kind of half/half so it doesn’t turn out like…those above.

After that, we did a still life for the rest of the class of a bunch of random objects that everyone in the class brought in.


That Oscar the Grouch purse is mine, by the way. My favourite. :) These drawings basically mark my starting point with regards to my skill set in this class. Looking back, it’s kind of funny how weak I am as an artist. xD

The above drawing of this chair was during the second class and…it looks awful. o-0 He was trying to teach us this method thing of transferring angles and whatnot. I didn’t like it, mostly cause it was a lot of effort and my results are worse than what they could have been. But whatever, I guess I ended up getting a better feel for proportion and what not.

I believe the above was from the third class. We used a wooden stick that was shaved to a sort of rugged end and a bottle of ink for this one. The main focus was composition for this class and we used a bunch of dried out organic flower things which were a pain to draw since there was so much going on. I think it turned out well though and I’m quite pleased with the result. Chris also pointed this one as his own personal favored one for composition. That made me feel awesome. :3 He usually ends up showing whatever main pieceĀ  I’m working on in the class around the room, but he does that often with other people too. It’s funny, but that feels like my goal some days. I feel bad if I don’t get it shown around. xD

Fourth class: This was interesting. We pretty much did this for the entire class, and that’s different from the norm. Typically we do something for an hour – either look at slides, discuss something, or do practice sketches first hand – and then work on the main piece for the rest of the class. This class, we discussed the idea briefly but then jumped right in and drew this for the entire class. Chris was trying to get us to grasp the concept that lines don’t exist and to draw without focusing on line to build up the drawing, and such.

By taking extended studies, I’m allowed to drop in on the life drawing class every Saturday for free. So I got to draw naked people for the first time. :3 I had to leave an hour earlier for other things. Although they aren’t actually that good, I liked the class overall cause it helped me get over the whole “omgnakeypeoplewhut” and gave me a better sense of direction with drawing people.

Fifth class. Actually, I skipped posting up a few photos from some classes since they were all perspective work and I didn’t feel like putting that up since I didn’t like it and I had even skipped a class cause I already knew perspective beforehand. But I’ll count this as the fourth class since it’s what I remember. The main focus was based upon learning light and shadow and such. I liked it, but I think I need more practice with it to actually have a better grasp on it.

We worked on a still life built up of a bunch of stuffy toys and…I dunno, I quite love it. :3 I’m giving it to a friend of mine though, since I honestly don’t know what to do with all my art work…it’s nice to have, but it takes up a bunch of space and I don’t actually like keeping things. xD

Second life drawing class! I’ll skip over the gesture drawings since I couldn’t decide on whether or not I wanted to use graphite or charcoal and it looked funky since I couldn’t get a flow with either. I touched upon light and shadow with this more but the pose wasn’t as long as I would have liked so it wasn’t done very thoroughly. Oh well, still a decent result. :3

I especially liked this drawing since I started by incorporating gesture drawing in and I typically don’t since…well, I don’t know how. But I looked at this other guys drawing and got a better sense of it and it resulted in this one. :3 I’m very pleased with myself and this drawing. ^^

That’s about all that I have up until now. My next class is this Wednesday, and then I’m away next week so I have to skip it, and then the class after that will be my last. Sad face. :c

Mixed Media/Collage Project


More art projects! The photo on top is a quick planning sketch of my collage while the one underneath is the final product. It’s titled “The Monotonous State” and it’s one of the few projects that I’ve done this year where I extensively thought about the underlying meaning. Since it’s so tiny, I’d like to mention that the caption in the lower center of it says, “Character: it’s the intangible essence that sets us apart.”

Classical Greek Figure Study


Simple art 10 project. I had to try this twice cause I screwed up my proportions the first time. I also have issues with folds…and creating depth. And feet. O-o But I think it creates the elegant feel that I was aiming for. I may try this again some time and actually spend a lengthy amount of time on it instead.